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Credit Repair Process

A: Forward your credit reports.
Upon signing up, you will begin by forwarding to us your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. You can very easily and quickly do this by going to: Once you have accessed these credit reports online please send your "username" and "password" to: . We can now begin the process for you.

B: Choose which items to dispute.
Once your credit reports are received, our staff enters the information into our database, using our online CDP Tracker System. In which you can now access through our online client tracking system (

C: Credit Dispute Pro NI begins to work your file.
We will now begin our process in contacting the 3 major credit bureaus and will have e-mailed you our "Welcome Package".

D: Initial waiting period
The credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate your dispute. After that, they must inform you of their results, and send you a free copy of your updated report. It usually takes approximately 45 days from the day we send a dispute to the day you receive an updated report. When you receive a response from a bureau, make a copy of the updated report for your records then send the original to CDP Northeast Ohio. Upon forwarding these credit reports to our office CDP will review and analyze the new reports. Should items remain that need to be readdressed we will do so at this time. We will now use different tactics for optimal results. All CDP tactics are based of the statues of the FCRA of 1970.

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